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The published admissions number at High Beech 2024-25 and 2025-26 is fifteen.

Applications for September 2024 Reception places are open online between 6th November 2023 and 15th January 2024.

Please click on the link below to if you wish to apply for a place for your child or to find out more about admissions.

Essex Schools Admissions Website


The admission criteria to be used if there are not enough places for all those who have expressed a wish to have their child admitted to a particular community school will be:

  • Looked after children and previously looked after children(as defined in the Primary Education in Essex booklet.)
  • Children with a sibling attending the school.
  • Children living in the priority admission area.
  • Children living outside the priority admission area but within Waltham Abbey (defined as residence in the priority admission area of one of the following schools; High Beech CE Primary, Leverton Primary, Upshire Primary, Waltham Holy Cross Primary and Hillhouse Primary schools) .
  • Remaining applicants

In the case of over subscription in any one category ‘straight line’ distance between the pupil’s home and the nearest pupil entrance to the school, the pupils living closest will be given priority .

Mid-year application for a school place

Please do not use this form to apply for a Reception place for next September as these applications should be made via Essex County Council

Important information before you apply

What is this form for?

You should use this form to apply for a place at our School

A separate form is required for each child.

When should I apply?

  • Applications for transfer at the start of the next academic year or the next term will not be dealt with until the half term prior to the requested admission date.
  • Applications received too early will be returned and you will need to re-apply at a later date.
    • o We cannot accept an application for Spring term (January) until the preceding Autumn half term holiday i.e. October.
    • o We cannot accept an application for Summer term (Easter) until the Spring half term holiday i.e. February.
    • o We cannot accept an application for Autumn term (September) until the Summer half term holiday i.e. end of May.
  • If you have just moved into the area and your child is without a school place please note that your application will be dealt with within 15 school days. Evidence of your new address will be required in the form of either a signed tenancy agreement / exchange of contracts / council tax or driving licence.
  • If you apply shortly before or during a school holiday a decision may not be given until the school has re-opened.

Admission of children living overseas

You may apply for a place when you have moved to the UK.  Please return at this stage and we will be able to process your application.

Apply now

Mid Year Application Form

Should you require an application form in paper format, please contact the School Office.


Determined Admission Arrangements – 2025/2026


Appeals Timetable